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The ڹϳϱϹ sits at the heart of the ڹϳϱϹ Research Campus and supports the Campus’s ecosystem of early-stage commercial bioscience through a shared focus on human health.

The combination of the ڹϳϱϹ’s fundamental ڹϳϱϹy research and exciting commercial bioscience development creates a unique location where science, knowledge and innovation thrive. Whether it’s benefitting from specialist knowledge, establishing a collaborative project or arranging access to one of our cutting-edge facilities and teams, the ڹϳϱϹ plays an active part in much of the research being undertaken across the Campus.

Find out more about the Campus’s vision to be one of the leading locations for pioneering bioscience research and a successful home to start and grow commercial bioscience.

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Celebrating a dynamic research ecosystem


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ڹϳϱϹ Research Campus

Creating one of the best places in the world for ڹϳϱϹy bioscience research and innovation

ڹϳϱϹ welcomes future vision for the ڹϳϱϹ Research Campus

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