PhDs at the ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ

Researcher performing an experiment in a low oxygen chamber

PhD opportunities at the ڹϳϱϹ are typically open for applications between September and early December of the year prior to the start of your studies.

The ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ is a world-leader in fundamental biological research investigating the systems that underpin development and healthy ageing. We support full time PhD students on three to four year studentships. Our graduate training provision has consistently received excellent evaluations in external assessments and we are committed to ensuring that every student receives high quality training and support during their time here. Part time PhD positions, or positions for Masters students, to study at the ڹϳϱϹ will be considered on a case by case basis (please contact babraham.graduate@babraham.ac.uk for more information).

The ڹϳϱϹ supports talented individuals, from diverse backgrounds, to develop the skills and knowledge they need to get the best start in a scientific career. As well as supporting you to become a world-class experimental scientist, we provide many opportunities to gain transferable skills that can help you towards success on a range of career paths.

As a student, you will join one of our research groups, working within and between our strategic research programmes. Under the guidance of your supervisor, you will take the lead on a project that contributes to our overall research goals. By working alongside experienced scientists with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise you will learn experimental techniques and acquire new abilities in critical thinking, experimental design and hypothesis-driven investigation.

All students at the ڹϳϱϹ become part of a supportive and inclusive community of around 50 graduate students. You will receive quality mentoring from established researchers at the ڹϳϱϹ and you will have access to the expertise of all of the ڹϳϱϹ’s researchers and specialist science facilities.

All PhD students at the ڹϳϱϹ are registered with, and obtain their final qualification from, the University of Cambridge. Find out more on our affiliation page.

ڹϳϱϹ Life

The ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ is a world class Research ڹϳϱϹ, situated at the heart of the ڹϳϱϹ Research Campus, near Cambridge, in an impressive countryside location bordered by trees and the River Granta. A commuter bus operates between central Cambridge and the ڹϳϱϹ, which is free for PhD students. ڹϳϱϹ is much more than a place to work. It is a vibrant and unique community. A wide selection of food and drink is available on Campus throughout the day. There is an active Sports and Social Club that acts as a social centre for the Campus. The ڹϳϱϹ cares very much about the wellbeing of its staff and provides a range of resources and initiatives to support Wellbeing.


What do our PhD students have to say

"Doing a PhD at the ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ is a wonderful experience and I've been allowed so many opportunities. The science is great and people are ever-changing which cultivates a learning experience hard to find anywhere else."

Chiara Pantarelli, Welch lab

"The ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ is special as it is such a unique and beautiful setting to undertake a PhD. It's great to have so much outdoor space available for meetings or breaks from the lab. The support staff and facilities at the ڹϳϱϹ create a great environment to undertake research. The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable meaning they are an invaluable resource during your PhD."

Marian Jones Evans, Ross lab

"Apart from working alongside some of the greatest researchers in the field, the ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ provides its students many opportunities to develop themselves as independent researchers. There are many good biotech companies on site, which makes it accessible to do collaborative research and get experience of the industry even before completing the PhD degree. The beautiful and spacious campus is also something students enjoy alongside their PhD work."

Priota Islam, Ross lab

"What drew me to the ڹϳϱϹ was their impeccable success of creating world-leading scientists. As an international student with a family abroad, it is really important to feel welcomed and feel part of a community and the ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ completely delivers on that."

Tombi Makuyana, Liston lab

"One of the best things about the ڹϳϱϹ’s partnership with the University of Cambridge is the fact that you belong to a college. Within that college, you can meet different people either from science, or other areas, all doing PhDs or Masters courses, so you can really meet a variety of different people."

Neesha Kara, Houseley lab

"Throughout my PhD, there were many opportunities to develop transferable skills and technical skills, the facilities on the site offer a wide range of training courses allow us to learn how to use the equipment and actually perform the experiments ourselves. This will be highly useful in my future career plans."

Diljeet Gil, Reik lab