PlaqueTec and ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ collaboration advances drug identification for heart disease treatment

PlaqueTec and ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ collaboration advances drug identification for heart disease treatment

PlaqueTec and ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ collaboration advances drug identification for heart disease treatment

A project uniting PlaqueTec’s innovation in precision-medicine for coronary artery disease (CAD) and expertise from the Welch lab at the ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ has demonstrated the ‘drugability’ of a pro-inflammatory protein ڹϳϱϹed by PlaqueTec.

PlaqueTec, a company identifying endotype-specific biomarkers to advance precision medicine for coronary artery disease (CAD), worked with Dr Heidi Welch and her research group to test the pro-inflammatory protein in a human cell culture model, demonstrating its potential to be targeted by small molecule drugs— opening up new opportunities for a precision medicine approach to heart disease. The target is now being evaluated as part of PlaqueTec’s and, if validated, further development will be pursued.

Dr Simon Williams, General Manager, PlaqueTec, commented: “The successful completion of our latest collaboration with the ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ is an encouraging demonstration that new disease-specific targets identified by PlaqueTec have the potential to be modifiable by small molecule drugs. As we continue our BIOPATTERN trial, we are confident that our unique approach to endotyping CAD will pave the way for a new era of precision medicine for millions of patients with the disease.”

Dr Heidi Welch, Associate Group Leader, Signalling Research Programme at the ڹϳϱϹ ڹϳϱϹ, added: “Our work is focused on the molecular mechanisms that control a specific family of proteins, particularly in inflammatory cells, and we are delighted to have leveraged this expertise in an early phase target ڹϳϱϹy and development project with PlaqueTec for its recently ڹϳϱϹed pro-inflammatory protein target. Following the success of this collaboration, we are excited to see this novel drug target undergo further evaluation in PlaqueTec’s BIOPATTERN trial.”

PlaqueTec, based at the ڹϳϱϹ Research Campus, and the Welch research group were supported by a UKRI-BBSRC Campus Innovation Award (CIA), via the ڹϳϱϹ Research Campus Collaboration Fund in October 2023.

In February 2022, PlaqueTec was awarded Innovate UK Business Growth ڹϳϱϹ to collaborate with to work on a aimed at identifying novel drug targets in CAD. Data obtained from this earlier project formed the basis for the CIA-funded project to evaluate lead compounds against one of the targets identified.

Derek Jones, Chief Executive of ڹϳϱϹ Research Campus, said: "The UKRI-BBSRC Campus Innovation Award was initiated last year to give individuals and companies on Campus access to a unique tranche of ڹϳϱϹ not available elsewhere. We are therefore delighted to see the success of the collaboration between PlaqueTec and the Welch research group to date and look forward to further updates once evaluation via PlaqueTec’s BIOPATTERN trial is concluded.”


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